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Five Construction Marketing Tips To Boost Your Companies Social Media And Online Presence!

In the competitive industry of construction, mastering the art of social media presence can be difficult. Below are construction marketing tips that can set you company on the right path to achieve success and harness the growth potential and engagement that social media and the digital world has to offer.

1. Post user friendly content and do not oversell your services

Avoid turning your social media accounts into a sales pitch! Focus on building a strong community of potential clients by engaging with their interest or offering them free advice they can benefit from. Share internal inspiration from recent completed projects, free DIY tips and showcase your skilled team in action. The two main reasons someone will decide to follow your account is for either education or entertainment so always consider this when choosing content to post.

2. Post high quality content

As well as ensuring your content meets the demands of your target audience, you should always ensure your that your content is up to a high standard. Yes, it is beneficial to use one of Infrastruct Media's professional photographers and videographers however, below are some tips to capture quality imagery using your iPhone.

  • Ensure HDR mode is activated. To do this head to settings, camera, record video and ensure HRD video is allowed.

  • Tap on the subject of your image to ensure they are within focus.

  • Optimise natural lighting by capturing imagery during the "golden hours" of the day.

  • Experiment with portrait mode on your camera. This can be activated by opening your camera app and scrolling to portrait mode along the bottom of the screen.

  • Finally, take advanced of the few days on good weather we experience in England. Make a conscious effort to capture as much content as you can on these days.

3. Engage with your audience

Make a conscious effort to actively engage with your followers comments, messages and mentions. Doing so will help your brand present in a welcoming and approachable manor and will help to build connections with your audience. You should also participate in any industry driven conversations, hashtags or even construction conventions to get your company infront of your audience.

4. Follow a posting schedule

Consistency is key when it comes to growing your online presence. A consistent posting schedule will not only engage your audience but it will ensure they keep following. You should also consider what time you post your content. It is best to upload social media content in peak engagement times which tend to be from 5 to 8pm. You should set yourself a realistic posting schedule that fits in within your lifestyle and ensure you stick to it. It is recommended that you upload a minimum of 3 times a week.

If you would like to learn how to build a winning posting schedule for your construction company, download our Social Media Mastery Guide ebook today!

Infrastruct Medias Construction Professionals Guide To Social Media Mastery ebook.

5. Ensure your website is up to scratch

Your website is the online face of your construction company. After putting in the hard work to grow a social media audience, don't let your website stop a potential client from contacting you. Your website is the where a potential client will look to find your contact information so it needs to professional and present your company in the best light. A professional website will give your construction company credibility and give a potential client the confidence to make contact with your business. If you do not have a website or your website needs improvement, click the link below to give your company the digital interface It deserves today.



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